Nars Narissist Eyeshadow Palette REVIEW

Thursday, February 6, 2014


My friend told me about this palette's release and I was SO EXCITED that I bought it immediately without hesitation even though I wasn't too completely head over heels for the color selection (but boy, do I love my nudes!). I have always wanted Nars eyeshadows and this seemed the best way to add multiple colors to my collection. I was particularly excited for Bellissima I and Mekong.

When it arrived, I had really high hopes for it. The packaging was nice+portable, the mirror was big and practical but the shadows are SO SMALL and not labeled with the names. MOST IMPORTANTLY: The shadows were DRY, HARD, NOT BUTTERY, VERY CHALKY, do not apply to the lids well nor true to pan color, do not swatch well, and even if you manage somehow to pack a ton of the product on (good luck with that!), it has absolutely NO STAYING POWER! It reminded me of some really bad drugstore eyeshadows from way back when drugstore eye shadows were notoriously poor quality. But now, even drugstore eyeshadows are better than this!!!

And NO, it does NOT get better with use. I tried to give this palette it's fair share of chances for over 2 weeks, but NOPE, straight back it went for return.

That on top of the price! $79?! How can anyone justify the quality for the price? Completely NOT WORTH IT. Might as well go get 2 NAKED palettes or just any eyeshadow palette but this one! STAY AWAY! I don't want to state the DUH obvious, but a palette for $79 USD should be buttery, pigmented, swatch well on the fingers, and apply on the eyes true to color in the pan which it does not whatsoever. Every color should be on point and no excuses should have to be made for this palette. I should not have to go out of my way to make this palette work due to it's poor quality. Such a massive disappointment for a palette named after Nars fans. An insult, really! Never before been so upset by such a dud product.

What do you think of the Nars NARSissist Palette? Did you make it work for you? Worth it or return it? 

My go-to nail polish remover!!! - Butter London Powder Room Scented Laquer Remover Review

Sunday, April 14, 2013

If you're like me and you absolutely hate removing nail polish because of any combination of the following: a) it's time consuming, b) the polish is stubborn and hard to remove like glitter polish, c) you're just plain lazy, or most of all d) it reeks and isn't good for you ...then look no further!!! Now you don't have to sacrifice your nose/brain cells or make another wasted effort trying to remove that previously-chic-but-now-unsightly-and-chipped-mani you're hoping no one notices is way past its prime.

Enter Butter London's Powder Room acetone-free nail polish remover. I got it as part of the holiday '12 Backstage Basics gift set from a Secret Santa exchange at work and I was so excited to try it. I know some people hate the smell of baby powder but I don't mind it at all! I've used it often since receiving it and just now I spent the last 2 minutes (only 2!) removing my glitter nail polish manicure and it was so easy and less stinky that I just had to share my excitement with you! Look at me, all giddy over a polish remover! its core, it smells like a nail polish remover yet it leaves behind the intended baby powder scent. The chemical smell is certainly not gone, but I would say significantly diminished. It works really quickly and effectively, and the chemical smell dissipates letting the powder smell take over. The residual powder scent remains in the air and on your fingertips even after you wash your hands which is great because now you're not stinking up the rooms or your hands with chemical fumes. It is an awesome find for me as I am really sensitive to smell! Just don't be stupid like me and take a whiff straight from the bottle. Like I said before, it is still a nail polish remover!

Now, instead of that remnant chemical smell, you get the fresh and light scent of baby powder lingering on your nails! And you are definitely not sacrificing anything in the effectiveness department! It whisked away the chunky glitter bits so easily, I can honestly say I was shocked. But at $8 for a 2 oz. bottle, it better have more than a little elbow grease!

Obviously I am just beyond impressed. Not only that, if you hate baby powder scent, they previously had other seasonal scents too like Beach Bum (piña colada), Nutter (almond), Royal Punch (coconut mango), Sergeant Peppermint (peppermint), Branwen's Berries (cranberry), and Pumpkin Warrior (pumpkin pie)! I loved this so much I immediately ran out and bought the 3 piece set with Beach Bum, Powder Room, and Nutter for my mom who absolutely hates the strong scent of nail polish and nail polish remover. Needless to say, she loved it! And I am definitely "borrowing" them when she isn't looking.

The only problem is that I wish they came in bigger sizes, were more affordable, and that it felt like it sucked all the moisture out of cuticles. My nails feel great though and I usually put lotion on after anyways. Plus, if it means I don't have to put up with that awful acetone scent, I will happily fork over the cash! Wouldn't you rather be left with traces of a baby powder scent than nail polish remover?

The search is over! Best waterproof eyeliner EVER - Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner Review

Sunday, October 7, 2012

You may read this and think I've gone mad. But seriously, you have no idea how relieved I am. I've been on the hunt for the longest time for a truly 1) smudge-proof, 2) water-proof, 3) black 4) twist up 5) pencil liner that 6) glides on like butter. Is that too much to ask for? Thankfully, after going through my fair share of crappy drugstore & department store eyeliners, buying into misleading marketing taglines, eating up false promises, and falling prey to the hype for 24/7 Urban Decay Zero and Perversion pencil liners I thought would solve my eyeliner dilemma...I've found it. I'VE FINALLY FOUND IT. THE SEARCH IS OVER!

Everyone? Meet the Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner ($23) in Via Venuto.
Yes, it's pricey. Especially considering that the Prestige pencil liner I've been using for the past year has been doing pretty well for me at $3.95. But let's take a closer look shall we?

We'll start off with why I've been looking for these specific qualities and the pros/cons of the different eyeliner types (although I would think they should be obvious to anyone who's ever had to deal with an ultra craptastic eyeliner).

I have small Asian eyes and at the end of a long work day or after an evening of laughing, eye crinkling, and a multitude of other facial expressions, I end up looking like a raccoon. I think it has to do with my upper eyelids stamping themselves onto my bottom eyelids when I wear an eyeliner that won't stay put. I had hoped that the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners would live up to expectations, but to my disappointment, I found Zero and Perversion stamped on my lower eyelids again when I got home from a party. I'm all for a smoky eye, but this is not what I have in mind. I constantly hear about how tired I look when this happens because people think I have bags under my eyes. I needed a solution!

Why a pencil liner and not a liquid or gel? - Pencil liners are more convenient, quick, forgiving, and softer so that you end up with a more natural looking liner. You can use it on your lash line and your waterline comfortably. And let's face it: I'm lazy. I'm all about quick and convenient. The more time I can shave off my makeup routine, the better. I don't want to have to set it with a powder! Don't get me wrong though, I really do like liquid eyeliner ever since I'd gotten more practice with it. I love how it doesn't smudge once it dries but I feel it should be reserved for more formal or glam, attention-getting, look-at-me looks. Pencil liner, however, is great for everyday and doesn't look as harsh. Since I'm always on the go, I don't want to have to sit there as still as possible lining my eyes, cleaning up any mistakes, and waiting for it to dry. Nor to do I want to have to dig out an eyeliner brush out of my makeup bag to painstakingly paint gel liner on either. With a pencil, I can do it without looking in the mirror and even in a bumpy car ride if need be. Pencils are less likely to dry out as well. But it has to be soft, it has to glide! I made the mistake of using a cheap white and black double ended eyeliner from N.Y.C. and felt like I was giving myself a tattoo. Never. again.

Why a twist up pencil and not a regular pencil? - While it's obvious that pencil eyeliners tend to be more affordable but raise your hand if you feel me on this one: sharpening pencil eyeliner SUCKS. I will always WITHOUT FAIL break off the point I've just nicely sharpened. What a waste! And not to mention it's super messy! That's why I had to have a twist up pencil. And you have to carry a pencil sharpener around with you just in case. That's less room in my makeup bag for other goodies. The problem, however, with a twist up pencil is that after you've worn down the initial point with the first few uses, it's hard to get the pointy tip back for precision lining. That's why this NARS pencil is so awesome. Because even though it's a twist up, it comes with a mini sharpener on the end to make the point good as new again.

How long lasting is it? - This is the story of how I was so utterly convinced that at long last, my search for the perfect eyeliner was over. It happened when I walked up to the NARS counter to play with their nail polishes (of course). The girl at the sales counter was digging around the drawers for me to see if they had the Adelita nail polish in stock. While waiting, I swatched the Larger Than Life eyeliner sample on my hand out of boredom and rubbed it to test its staying power before letting it dry. I was expecting it to smear instantly. To my shock and awe, it did not budge. It didn't even smear. I had to rub the swatch a few more times just to be sure because I could not believe my eyes. The other eyeliner that I had swatched next to it earlier was completely smudged but the NARS swatch remained like a I had written on my hand with a Sharpie. Even when I used a makeup remover towelette from the MAC counter to remove all the other lipstick and eyeliner swatches from my hand, it took some pretty vigorous rubbing before it even started to budge. Super scientific, right? That was it, I was sold. I didn't even know how much it was. I asked if it was water-proof. Yes? Fantastic! I have to have it, no matter what the price. Gimme!

As it turns out, I'm not the first one onto the trail of this bad boy and the black color (Via Venuto) was sold out in store as of late. But Nordstrom's is awesome like always and I had it ordered and shipped to my house.

Conclusion: So voila, long story short, no more raccoon eyes! Whoo hoo! Case solved. I'm keeping the Prestige eyeliner I have around for a backup, and the Milani one as a backup to the backup but the likelihood the Milani one being used ever again is slim to none. I bought it on the recommendation of YouTuber hollyannaeree. Yes it's smooth, it glides, it's super black, but it also smears a LOT. I would trash it but I know I'll need it in case of emergency someday.

Next review: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil vs. E.L.F. Matte Lip Color

Hello, manicure!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So in love with the way sky blue polish contrasts with a bold red outfit.

Got this manicure in LA with a pedi in a coral color from some brand that I couldn't look up online...again. The blue was the closest I could find at the nail salon to my Sephora by OPI Havana Nights polish (that I didn't bring with me at the time). I just can't get over a pretty pale blue for summer despite the fact that my previous two self manicures have all been along the lines of light blue (Sephora by OPI Havana Nights the first time and Sally Hansen Blue Away the second time). I was pretty certain I'd be sick of the color by now. This time, the blue was from China Glaze but I couldn't read the color name because it had been rubbed off the sticker on the bottom of the bottle. If I had to bet on it, I would definitely say it looked like Moody Blue.

So if you've been an avid reader, I sincerely apologize for the extended and unexplained absence. It has been entirely inexcusable for the most part. For every day that went by, I died a little on the inside because I was being taken that much further away from doing what I know and love. I started my first full time job and I have found it difficult to balance work, friends, family, and me time. Nevertheless, I have still been taking pictures of everything under the sun so the pictures will be uploaded....eventually!

2011-06-19 001 2011-06-19 0262011-06-19 001 2011-06-19 0032011-06-19 001 2011-06-19 0042011-06-19 001 2011-06-19 0022011-06-19 001 2011-06-19 0092011-06-19 001 2011-06-19 005

Dior Vernis in Aloha & Paradise

Monday, May 30, 2011

Basically sums up my ideal nail colors for summer, regardless of trends! Just begs to be worn to the beach with a floppy straw hat and flip flops as a mani/pedi combo.

Dior Vernis Electric Tropics Nail Duos in Aloha (orange) and Paradise (pink), $26.


Sampling Nail Polishes

Friday, April 29, 2011

Short and yet overdue post (with no excuse for the hiatus) but here goes…

These pictures are about 2 weeks old from when I was at Nordstrom’s trying on some pretty polishes that had caught my eye. I am always drawn to the Chanel counter without even trying which also happened to be next to a Butter London display! I decided to do something a little bit different than painting each nail a different color. I quite like it!

Chanel Rose Confidential – very pretty & soft dusty rose color that is demure and looks good with just about any outfit but it reminds me of my grandma’s nail polishes so I hesitated to pick it up.
Butter London Jaffa – gorgeous color that sometimes leans coral or orange depending on the light. It has a bad habit of looking carrot orange indoors though. In my everlasting quest for the perfect shade of coral/orange, this is one I’d add to my stash.

Chanel Gold Lamé – much too sheer for my taste. I was not a fan. I definitely needed more coats.
Chanel Black Pearl – OOoh loved how edgy and sophisticated it looked on my nails and it didn’t clash with my skin tone. It has that pearlescent green-black sheen that captures the essence of a true black pearl although in this picture it looks more like graphite.


Ultra Violet

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My bare nails are currently craving some grape soda pop! Pairing the uber trendy and bright violet color with your floral dresses and spring wear should be easy AND I love that it’s a nice departure from the typical pastel purple you’d normally associate with trendy Spring colors. Great lilac hues that fit the bill: Violet Groove by  Lancome, Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Purple Haze, Estee Lauder’s Violet (limited edition), or African Violet from American Apparel, all perfect for adding a little punch of color to wake up that pastel palette everyone else is wearing!

morepolishplease lilac violet polish picks spring 2011
Do you have other violets in mind? What color will you be wearing?

My favorite base coat

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This incredible spring weather is making a huge impact on my mood today! I told my friend how happy I was and he thought I was on ecstasy haha. But I can’t help it! It’s sunny but not too hot, the birds are chirping, and the flowers on campus are in full bloom with a slight breeze to toss around their heady perfumes. Not to mention that my class got canceled!

Anyway, because the weather here has constantly been fluctuating between hot and cold, I haven’t been able to settle on a nail polish color for a few weeks now and have been sporting naked nails for some time now (*gasp!). On the bright side, my nails are the longest they’ve been in a long time, kept even longer with one coat of Top 2 Bottom from Orly wrapping the tips. I had to get myself a bottle of this when I found myself constantly borrowing it from my freshmen year roommate. The formula is a bit watery but I love it nonetheless because it makes the application of a basecoat so quick and easy. Now I don’t have an excuse to skip a base coat! Bonus: It dries quickly!

As for my indecisiveness, I can’t decide whether or not I want to go with my new Havana Dreams by Sephora for OPI nail polish (because I feel that I don’t have enough white in my wardrobe to pull together an outfit and that it might be better saved for summer), with a pale peachy color like Inattendu from Chanel, or going with tried-and-true spring favs like light lavender (Light As Air by China Glaze) or baby pink (OPI’s Pandamonium Pink).


spring choices

Help me decide! What color should I wear next?


Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Collection

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Week of Spring - I cannot begin to express how excited/nervous I am for this school quarter! I’m finally taking classes that have held my interest for years. It’s exciting as hell to not be in psych/bio/math classes for once (albeit a little bit scary)! I’m stoked beyond belief! I’m taking Basic Costume Design (which, to my delight, involves a lot of drawing AND painting but sadly, no actual clothing), History of American Fashion, Ballet, Choir, Basic Drawing and Greek mythology! I’ve only been to the first two classes so far and I can proudly say that those are they only lectures in my entire college career that I did not once open my laptop to Facebook/etc. out of boredom.

So since I’m taking ballet for the first time in my life, I spent a few hours on Sunday venturing into the world of tutus to pick up a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. Afterward, at my trip to Sephora for some new nail polish, some new colors caught my eye. Of course they would be from the newest Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Collection, most likely inspired by the latest ballet trend since the release of Black Swan. They had the usual cheesy nail polish names with some really gorgeous soft pinks and grays, with a purple thrown in. I love me some soft colors that are NOT opaque and thankfully, there isn’t a single sheer in sight! It also comes in a mini set of four as pictured below:

Break a Legwarmer – Great if you’re into cement colors.
Leotard Optional – A fantastic nude color that borders on taupe.
Let’s Plié – For the girls that love the shimmer and glam of the stage.
Shiny Dancer – For the dark ballerina à la Mila Kunis as Lily, the Black Swan
The Way Tutu His Heart - For the prim ballerina à la Natalie Portman as Nina, the White Swan
Who’s Spinning Tonight? – For the badass rebel ballerina.

What do you think? Love it? Or sick of the ballet trend already?

Get a Steal on Stila Makeup @Hautelook

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hautelookstila header
If you aren't a member already of, I suggest you get that handled immediately because they are having an amazing sale on Stila Illuminated Tinted Moisturizers, bronzers, and eyeshadows! I'm bummed that the Large Color Palette Wheel is already sold out, as are the lipglosses. The 24K Gloss Golden Charm looks fabulous though!

The prices are outrageous at almost 50% off or more!
Scurry on over before the limited time sale ends Thursday, March 10, 2011 @8am PST!

Oscars 2011 Red Carpet Fashion Coverage

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It seems pretty obvious that I am a complete sucker for red carpet glam as evidenced by my previous Golden Globes post so obviously I'm going to be doing another blog post doing awards show coverage for one of the biggest nights in Hollywood! When the awards first began, I fell immediately in love with early arrivers Mila Kunis and Hailee Steinfeld’s adorable tea length dress. So far, no one has really disappointed me so far except for Scarlett Johanssen (her gown and hair look like a wreck individually and as an ensemble), Melissa Leo, and Maria Menouous' hideous black velvet number. Tonight is not the night to disappoint!

As for red carpet coverage, I'm pretty sure everyone can agree that the "coverage" was pretty paltry and awkward for the most part, leaving the celebs hanging when the interviewers had enough of sharing screen time and there were barely any good shots of the beautiful celebs and gowns.

No green in sight this time, but red and nude/blush gowns are everywhere!

I’m eagerly anticipating Anne Hathaway’s many costume changes for the night and to see how she fares hosting with James Franco tonight. Florence Welch performing live “If I Rise” should be interesting as well!

What a beautiful stage I might add!

Wowed by Anne Hathaway’s rendition of “On My Own” from Les Miserables.

My favorite gowns so far:

Mila Kunis (Elie Saab): In one of my favorite designers, she looks so. BEAUTIFUL! I can NOT get over how beautiful the delicate lace is around the neckline and the soft lavender color!
022711-mila-350 elie saab

Hailee Steinfeld (Marchesa): Another celeb in one of my favorite designers ever, she just looks so insanely sweet and adorable, yet mature and sophisticated. Such a romantic style, this dress is completely spot on!
022711 hailee marchesa

Sandra Bullock (Vera Wang): SO in love with her red dress. Totally stands apart from any red dress I've seen so far with the lovely little crisscross detail on the back, the peplum on the back, the square cut out detail neckline, and the train that goes for miles!
022711-sandra-300 vera wangsandra bullock oscars 2011 back view

Halle Barry (Marchesa): It’s pretty much foolproof and impossible to not look ethereal or like you’re floating on air! Simply gorgeous!
022711-halle-350 marchesa022711 halle berry  marchesa back
Michelle Williams (Chanel): looks so lovely and polished.
022711-michelle-w-300 chanel

Mandy Moore (Monique L’huillier): looks ethereal and glittery all over.
022711-mandy-moore-325 monique l'huillier
Cate Blanchett (Givenchy Couture): This such a STUNNING and gorgeous, risk taking gown! So beautiful! Loving the yellow beading on around the neckline for just a tiny pop of color with an interestingly strong shoulder that crisscrosses and exposes the back.
022711-cate-350 givenchy couture022711 cate blanchette givenchy tom and lorenzo

Anne Hathaway: Okay, we have to give this girl an award all her own simply for managing 7 costume changes NOT TO MENTION HAIR AND MAKEUP that was slammin’ with every gown!
(Valentino): gorgeous as always.
022711 anne hathaway valentino oscars
(Givenchy): Love love lovedddddd her gown! Her costume change to this stunning beaded white dress while she was presenting was jaw-droppingly beautiful!
022711 anne hathaway in givenchy oscars

(Lanvin): Anne’s third costume change for her performance of “On My Own.” So adorable and glam with Brian Atwood heels! She pulled off the tux WAY better than Sarah Jessica Parker did in Sex and the City 2!
(Armani Prive): Liquid svelte blue gown that practically looks painted on. I am so in love with the off the shoulder neckline, with it’s sleek lines and gorgeous silhouette!!!
anne hathaway lanvin and brian atwood shoes oscars 2011armani prive anne hathaway oscars 2011
(Atelier Versace) I would also like to point out how fabulous this dress is! The lovely detail and deep burgundy color contrasts with her alabaster skin.
atelier versace anne hathaway oscars 2011

Hilary Swank (Gucci Premiere): Love the feathers and the ombre effect!

Erin Andrews: I barely caught a glimpse of Erin Andrews getting photographed during the red carpet coverage on ABC but I just HAD to get another look at her gorgeously sleek and shimmery silver sequined dress!
TV personality Erin Andrews arrives at the 83rd Annual Academy A

Camila Alves (Kaufman Franco) Loved her simple yet sexy black gown.
matthew-mcconaughey-camila-alves-2011-oscars-02 kaufman franco

Jennifer Hudson (Versace): Love the tangerine orange and the silhouette but I’m pretty sure I saw a clip that caught Jennifer Hudson rearranging her chest in the most awkward way.
022711-jennifer-hudson-350 versace

Natalie Portman (Rodarte): Her violet gown is so beautiful and perfectly hides yet displays her baby bump.
022711-natalie-300 rodarte

Jennifer Lawrence (Calvin Klein Collection) I’m loving how so many minimalistic gowns from Calvin Klein Collection are making numerous  appearances this award season. Jennifer Lawrence looks smoldering with her fantastic figure but her dress kind of reminds me of a Baywatch swimsuit from the waist up.
022711-jennifer-300 calvin klein collection

Amy Adams (L’Wren Scott)  Love the color and the sequins. Simply gorgeous. It’s a very cheong-sam/Asian inspired silhouette and the green jewelry just further confirms that because it looks like jade…
022711-amy-adams-300 l'wren scott

ABC Host Rachel Smith also looked fabulous in blue as well!

Definitely not a fan of these looks worn by:

Scarlett Johanssen (Dolce and Gabanna): What a travesty of lace! And the makeup+hair! Not even a good color on you!
022711-scarjo-300 d&g

Annette Bening (Naeem Khan): I severely dislike the lines and sleeves on this dress.
022711-Annette-300 naeem khan oscars 2011

Sharon Stone (Christian Dior): She found a way to make Christian Dior and classic black look awful. What a sad, goth dress with dark, ugly lipstick and terrible hair.
022711-sharon-stone-300 oscars 2011

Florence Welch (Valentino): I read that she described her everyday style to be prim and this is certainly prim but overly covered up, like she took the table cloth from the tea party and wore it to the Oscars.
022711-florence-welch-350 valentino

Gwenyth Paltrow (Calvin Klein Collection): Never thought I’d have to add a CK collection dress to my least favorites category but I can’t bring myself to like this dress in any color, neckline, or form.
022711-paltrow-300 oscars 2011 calvin klein

Mellissa Leo (Marc Bouwer): Much too busy and heavy around the collar and shoulders, like a big fat doily.
022711-melissa-leo-300 oscars 2011

Helena Bonham Carter (Colleen Atwood): An improvement from the Golden Globes, but not by much. Especially with a British flag garter around your leg. Have to say that it looks much better than Maria Menouous’ gown though.
022711-helena-580 colleen atwood oscars 2011

Maria Menouous (Johanna Johnson): What. utter. heavy black velvet hideousness. Just because it is one shouldered does not mean you can stop there! Although I’m sure she was pretty warm (except for her left side of course). And the hair just looks like a fugly Jersey Shore-esque mess.
maria-menounos-oscars-2011-red-carpet-07 johanna johnson

Photos from InStyle , Yahoo! Movies, FabSugar, and Just Jared.
Who do you think knocked it out of the park?